Van Esch has been a local family name in the Guelph area for over 30 years. Founded as a sole proprietorship in 1989, Van Esch Woodworking began with an emphasis on trim work and finish carpentry. The recession of the early 90’s saw the construction industry slow down, and as a result a shift in the business turned to fine carpentry, furniture, and cabinet making. As the economy improved, renovations again became the main order of business and since 1996, various aspects of renovating homes and businesses have remained our focus. Over the years, the work has expanded and the workers have multiplied. After 25 years in business, the next generation of van Esch men began playing an active role in completing projects: in 2014 the company underwent a change to become Van Esch Enterprises lnc. The new company was established in 2014 with an eye for expanding into home building and large scale renovations. As a family company, we value accountability and trust, and it shows in how we treat our clients.