Plan your bathroom

 There are many reasons to prompt a bathroom renovation. An expanding family, an empty nest, out-dated appearance, accessibility and functionality, increased energy efficiency, or plumbing leaks, are some of the most common reasons people contact us to update their bathrooms. We understand that deciding to renovate your bathroom, or any room in your house, can be a daunting decision. Keeping up with the latest innovations and current trends may be overwhelming; knowing whether you need to order a permit for your bathroom renovation, and understanding if it is possible to remove or install certain features to achieve the desired bathroom space, are a few of the questions we are often asked. We have developed a list of considerations that may be used as a guide to help you determine what you need or want in your new bathroom.


Assess Your Needs

What do you like about your current bathroom?

If you are considering a large bathroom renovation, it can be helpful to look for areas of the current bathroom which you like. Incorporating familiar design features, into your new bathroom, can help you feel comfortable in your new space.

Does your bathroom simply look outdated?

If the current bathroom still accommodates your usage patterns, the best option may be to simply update the finishes and fixtures.

What features are missing from your bathroom?

Whether you are planning to renovate or simply update your bathroom space, this is an excellent time to add missing features. Look for additional features which may make your life or bathroom usage patterns more enjoyable.

Are your bathroom features safe and accessible?

Whether you plan to stay in your current house for many more years, or only for a short while, it is a good idea to consider your future needs, or resale value. Using an aging-in-place method when designing your new bathroom will help you avoid a future renovation as your physical needs increase. A universally designed bathroom can look like a high end spa when properly designed, will be usable by people of all ages and abilities, and will be attractive for resale.

Does your bathroom accommodate your usage patterns or do users fight over the bathroom and bathroom features?

Often your personal schedules can interfere, or be interrupted, by the need to share the bathroom space. Creating a washroom space which accommodates your washroom usage can include installing a second sink and mirror in your current washroom space, the addition of a two-piece washroom, or the addition of a secondary full bathroom.

What energy efficient and water saving features would you like to include in your bathroom?

If you have considered switching to energy efficient and water saving fixtures in the past, there is no better time to make the switch than during your bathroom renovation. Many people are hesitant to switch to water saving fixtures since they often had disappointing results and poor water pressure. However, newer technology has improved the operation of water saving fixtures.

What smart home technology would you like to include in your bathroom?

Adding the conveniences of smart home technology can create a unique bathroom experience. Voice controlled fixtures and preset settings can create a comfortable spa-like environment. The addition of preset shower temperatures and lighting levels can help decrease the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

Do you need additional storage space?

In addition to traditional washroom vanities, upper cabinets and built-in wall units may be included in a renovation. The addition of backing inside walls and moving wall framing may be needed to accommodate additional and creative storage solutions and can be included during a bathroom renovation.

Assess Your Space

What don’t you like about your current bathroom layout?

If you plan to renovate your bathroom because the space is too small or doesn’t accommodate your usage pattern, than you probably already know what you don’t like about your bathroom layout. However, if you are renovating your bathroom simply because the bathroom is old, it may still be a good idea to consider making changes to the bathroom space to better suit your usage pattern.

Do you simply want to update the existing bathroom?

Leaving the current bathroom layout and simply replacing the fixtures and finishes is probably the most common and cost effective bathroom update available. You can drastically change the look of a washroom without needing to disturb surrounding rooms or replace plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

Will expanding your bathroom require significant structural changes?

If you are considering expanding your current bathroom, keep in mind that interior walls or structures can be load-bearing and it may be more difficult and expensive than initially thought. Removing a load-bearing wall or structure is often possible, however, additional supports, an engineered drawing, and permits may be required. These add time and costs. When removing or changing structural features, the proper steps must be taken to ensure the finished product is safe.

Will expanding your bathroom disturb rooms above or below the bathroom?

In addition to being mindful of structural considerations when expanding your bathroom, be aware that to change or access certain plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or structural features, may require disturbing the walls or ceilings in adjoining rooms.

Is it possible to combine multiple spaces to create a larger bathroom?

If the space in your bathroom is simply too small, consider using an adjoining room or storage closet to add to your existing bathroom. Stealing space from an adjoining room may give you the opportunity to drastically change the layout of your current bathroom or allow additional bathroom features to be included in your new bathroom.

Face-lift or Full Renovation

Based upon the assessment of your needs and space, you should have a better idea of whether your current bathroom is accommodating your needs. If your current bathroom accommodates your usage patterns but you do not enjoy the appearance or feel of your bathroom, you will have to decide whether you want to replace all of the fixtures and finishes or if redecorating is all that is needed.

A full bathroom renovation may cost tens of thousands of dollars and typically take a minimum of two months of planning and work to complete. A redecoration typically costs a fraction of the price and can be planned and completed within a couple of weeks.

Redecoration ideas:

- Replacing old hardware in the bathroom with new hardware is another way to enhance features without the cost of a full replacement. By coordinating the entry door hardware with cabinet handles and towel holders you pull together the look of the bathroom.

- Replacing plumbing fixtures on the bathroom vanity and shower/bathtub can help enhance the look of the features without fully changing the feature. Coordinating the style and colour of the plumbing fixtures with the bathroom hardware will help to pull the bathroom together and be visually more appealing.


- Replacing your mirror and lighting fixtures are quick and easy ways to give your washroom a new look and feel.

- Patching holes or dings, and a fresh coat of paint on walls and trim, is possibly the most noticeable and simple way to spruce up your current bathroom space.

- The bathroom vanity doors are often able to be repainted or refinished and give the vanity a new look without replacing the bathroom vanity.